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Alien Gear Holsters Glock - 17 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack - Right Handed

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Alien Gear Holsters Glock - 17 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack - Right Handed


Glock 17 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack 

The 17 is one of the few full-size guns that is easily concealed, and the ShapeShift can be easily configured as a Glock 17 concealed carry holster - both in and outside the waistband, on the hip or in the appendix position. The 17 is also widely employed as a service pistol, and the ShapeShift can likewise be worn as an easy concealing OWB holster and paddle holster. This Glock 17 holster is compatible with all Glock generations, from the original Glock 17 all the way through to Gen 5.

First and foremost is the shell system. You get two half-shells, one right and one left, that cover the slide and the trigger guard. There are also two trigger guards, one for standard half-shell carry and another set up for belt slide carry. The half-shells and trigger guards fit together by means of a patented friction-locking rail system. Once put together, they don't come apart unless you mean them to, especially once you engage the twist lock. From there, you determine the manner in which you carry.

For a traditional Glock 17 IWB holster, attach a full shell and trigger guard shell to the larger backer, which is made from the same materials - neoprene backer, steel core and Alien Skin top surface - as our Cloak Tuck 3.0. Just like the 3.0, it can be adjusted for grip cant and ride height and is compatible with our IWB Cloak Dock holster mount.

If you prefer a Glock 17 appendix holster, attach the shells to the smaller backer and install the larger belt clip.

There are also two possible Glock 17 OWB holster configurations. One - which uses the smaller backer and the belt slide clips - is fantastic for OWB concealed carry as a high-riding belt slide, and the other is our strongest holster design to date.

Attach the two half-shells together, and then install the included paddle attachment. This gives you a Glock 17 paddle holster.

Retention is adjustable with the ShapeShift. There are three included passive retention bars, which instal in the trigger guard half shells for light, medium or heavy passive retention. You can also install and use the thumb release, the finger lock or both with the paddle holster configuration, for a Glock 17 retention holster that approaches Level III retention.

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