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Alien Gear Holsters Glock - 19 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster - Right Handed

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters Glock - 19 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster - Right Handed


Glock - 19 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

There is nothing to hide with our ShapeShift Glock 19 IWB holster, but you will. Its deep concealment tucks your Glock out of sight and out of mind, with adjustable characteristics to make it as comfortable as it is durable. The ShapeShift Glock 19 holster is compatible with all generations of Glock pistols, including Gen 5.

The backer is a hybrid of evolving technology and textiles, with closed-cell neoprene resting against the body for cushion and moisture repulsion. Alien Gear's patented spring steel core, lending flexibility and strength, is enclosed by the front, high-drag Alien Skin texture, which is used on our award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster. A layer of ballistic nylon was also added for reinforcement.

Alien Gear's ShapeShift IWB holster backer is secured to the carrier's belt with adjustable clips that control custom cant and ride height, giving you the freedom to carry exactly how you want. Beyond the clips' adjustability, retention can be strengthened by installing the no-hassle retention bar.

Manipulating this Glock 19 IWB holster will require zero tools.

The holster can be stored off the body by securing the clips to the ShapeShift Holster Mount, which is included with the holster.

The low-profile shell is injection molded to fit your Glock 19 with polymer material that outstrips boltaron and kydex in performance and durability. From box to waist, the ShapeShift shell will fit the handgun perfectly.

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