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The Total Serve 3-Ball ServeMaster

The Total Serve

The Total Serve 3-Ball ServeMaster



ServeMaster training products are manufactured in the USA. All ServeMaster trainers act as flexible rackets for learning, training and practicing the tennis serve, overhead and ground strokes. Experiencing what natural and efficient stroke technique feels like will accelerate learning. So, you’ll improve faster and more naturally without even hitting a ball. Coaches, players, professionals, academies and parents use ServeMaster around the globe and find it the best tennis teaching tool on the tennis market.

Endorsed by the French Tennis Federation and recommended to over 10,000 clubs and facilities in France!

Use ServeMaster on or away from the court. You can practice in your spare time at home, in your yard, in your office. You don’t need to be hitting balls to improve! In fact, practicing technique without hitting a ball is the best way to make substantial changes and to develop good habits.  

3-Ball SERVEMASTER trainer is primarily designed for:

Adult players who are of taller stature, physically strong and somewhat accomplished, some women who are at higher levels. It is also good for some accomplished juniors of larger stature and use a full-sized racket. If you have major flaws or are just beginning to play tennis this is not the correct model for you no matter what sex, size or age you are. This trainer can also be used for ground stroke development and practice. The 2-Ball ServeMaster trainer is better weighted for ground stroke training unless you are very tall and strong.


  • Total weight 15 oz.
  • Head end weight: 9 oz.
  • Length: 27” (same length as a regulation racket) 

The 3-Ball ServeMaster trainer is manufactured in distinctive green color. We no longer offer it in blue and this is one of the ways you can tell our original product apart from imitations. We manufacture a product that is of the highest quality - by developing a proprietary blend of EPDM rubber with ozone and UV protection to protect from the environment, ServeMaster is a long lasting and safe product with the strength, flexibility and weight for maximum benefit.


  • Tennis racket grip:

ServeMaster has a 3/8 tennis grip.  This important feature gets you accustomed to the feel and hand placement of the Continental grip. 

  • V Markers:

The ServeMaster has two unique “V” shape markers for easy hand placement for right handed and left handed players.  Place the V marker between the thumb and forefinger on the grip marker for a general Continental serve grip. 

  • Weighted and Flexible Body:

ServeMaster is weighted and flexible.  This lets players FEEL the drag of the weighted end and experience the simplicity of a using the correct grip with a loose grip and relaxed arm.  Reducing muscular action teaches the body a hitting pattern necessary for a powerful and dependable serve.

  • EPDM Rubber Construction with Ozone and UV Protection:

The proprietary rubber blend ensures Servemaster is a long lasting and safe product with the strength, flexibility and weight for maximum benefit.

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