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Peterson StroboStomp HD | Guitar and Bass Pedal board Strobe Tuner

Peterson Strobe Tuners

Peterson StroboStomp HD | Guitar and Bass Pedal board Strobe Tuner



  • 1/10 Cent Accuracy: Unbelievable precision at 1/1000th of a semitone or fret.
  • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for guitar, bass, violin, steel guitar, ukulele, and more.
  • Diverse Sweetened Tunings: Over 100 sweetened and guided tunings for enhanced playability.
  • Colorful HD Display: High-definition LCD with adjustable LED backlight.
  • Silent True Bypass: 100% popless operation mode for pure tone.
  • Buffered Output: Preserve tone quality in signal chains.
  • Guided Tuning: Numeric string values for rapid re-tuning.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Peterson's dedication to excellence.

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Elevate your musical journey to extraordinary heights with the Peterson StroboStomp HD – a pedal tuner crafted by Peterson Strobe Tuners, the vanguard of precision and innovation. Witness a groundbreaking tuning experience that redefines accuracy, versatility, and performance, setting a new standard for instrument tuning.

Precision Perfected: The StroboStomp HD boasts an astounding 1/10 cent accuracy, equivalent to an extraordinary 1/1000th of a semitone or fret. Experience flawless tuning with minute pitch deviations captured with unparalleled precision.

Unleash Versatility: Covering a wide array of instruments including guitar, bass, violin, steel guitar, ukulele, and more, the StroboStomp HD becomes an indispensable tool across genres.

Unrivaled Tuning Selection: Indulge in over 60 exclusive Sweetened Tunings™, meticulously designed to address tuning inconsistencies inherent in various instruments. Elevate your tonal output across a broader range of notes with these tailored presets.

HD Display with Custom Backlight: Featuring the largest tuning display ever in a Peterson pedal tuner, the StroboStomp HD showcases an HD LCD screen with customizable LED backlight. Personalize the display to match your preference and improve visibility under different lighting conditions.

Preserve Tone Purity: For tone enthusiasts, the StroboStomp HD offers a 100% silent true-bypass mode. Bid farewell to annoying pops during activation. Through ingenious timed relays, the tuner shunts the signal, ensuring uninterrupted tone.

Enhanced Signal Integrity: Activate the buffered output mode to combat tone loss in signal chains with multiple low-impedance pedals or extended cable runs. Maintain pristine sound quality across the instrument range while safeguarding your core tone.

Guided Tuning Convenience: Experience the "Guided Tunings" mode, where numeric string values replace traditional note names. Swiftly re-tune to open and alternative tunings with intuitive precision, catering to both beginners and experienced players.

Guaranteed Excellence: Backed by a two-year warranty, the Peterson StroboStomp HD reflects a commitment to quality and performance.

Embark on a journey of musical excellence where accuracy meets versatility. Transform each note and performance into an extraordinary masterpiece with the Peterson StroboStomp HD – your ultimate tuning companion offering unparalleled precision, unmatched versatility, and a new realm of musical brilliance.

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