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Peterson StroboPlus HDC - 2021 Model | Desktop Strobe Tuner | Metronome

Peterson Strobe Tuners

Peterson StroboPlus HDC - 2021 Model | Desktop Strobe Tuner | Metronome



  • True Strobe Accuracy: Unparalleled precision at 1/1000th of a semitone or fret.
  • Vast Instrument Compatibility: Ideal for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, brass, woodwind, and more.
  • Over 200 Sweetened and Guided Tunings: Enhanced tuning offsets for diverse instruments.
  • HD Backlit Display: Display smallest pitch deviations with customizable color.
  • Silent True Bypass: 100% popless mode for pristine tone.
  • Buffered Output: Maintain tone quality in signal chains.
  • Guided Tuning: Swift re-tuning with numeric string values.
  • Professional Metronome: Precise subdivision, polyrhythms, and tempo maps.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Assurance of quality and performance.

Elevate Your Musical Experience!

Discover the unparalleled precision of the Peterson StroboPlus HDC – a desktop strobe tuner and metronome masterpiece engineered by Peterson Strobe Tuners. With a legacy of 75 years of tuning expertise, this tuner redefines accuracy, versatility, and performance, setting a new standard in tuning technology.

Ultimate Accuracy: Experience true strobe accuracy at an extraordinary 1/1000th of a semitone or fret, ensuring pitch perfection.

Instrument Harmony: From guitar to brass, woodwind to ukulele, embrace compatibility across a wide range of instruments.

Enhanced Tuning Variety: Access over 200 Sweetened Tunings™ and Guided Tunings, meticulously crafted for instruments to elevate tonal output.

Vivid Display, Custom Color: The high-definition backlit display with user-defined color adjustments reveals the smallest pitch deviations.

Tone Integrity, Silent Mode: Engage the 100% popless true bypass for uninterrupted tone without any pops or noise.

Signal Strength Preserved: Activate the buffered output mode to safeguard your core tone in signal chains, ensuring sound quality.

Effortless Re-Tuning: Guided Tuning mode offers intuitive numeric string values for rapid re-tuning, ideal for players of all levels.

Metronome Mastery: Harness the power of a versatile metronome with subdivisions, polyrhythms, and customizable tempo maps.

Quality Assurance: With a two-year warranty, trust in Peterson's commitment to excellence.

Embark on a journey of musical excellence where precision meets versatility. Unleash the full potential of your instrument with the Peterson StroboPlus HDC – your ultimate tuning companion offering unmatched accuracy, diverse functionality, and a new realm of musical brilliance.

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