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Nikon Coolshot Pro Golf Stabilized  Rangefinder


Nikon Coolshot Pro Golf Stabilized Rangefinder


Product Details

The Coolshot Pro has image-stabilized technology and impeccable accuracy that allows for faster more accurate play. The rangefinder allows you to measure 8-1200 yards, accurate to 3/4 of a yard inside of 700 yards and 1.25 yards beyond 700 yards. 

  • STABILIZED function facilitates measurement to a distant flagstick while reducing the vibration caused by hand movement.
  • Red internal OLED display enables easier viewing in any situation. Automatic brightness adjustment function fine-tunes the display brightness according to the surrounding ambient light level.
  • HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurement response in approx. 0.3 seconds--regardless of distance.
  • Green-lit LOCKED ON Technology informs you of the distance to the closest subject.
  • ID (incline/decline) Technology displays the slope-adjusted distance, which is a guide to how far you should hit the ball and useful when golfing on an uphill/downhill course.
  • Actual Distance Indicator offers visual confirmation to observers that the slope measurement function (ID Technology) is not being utilized.
  • First Target Priority mode: When measuring overlapping subjects, the distance of the closest subject is displayed
  • Single or continuous measurement functionality (up to 8 seconds).
  • High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images.
  • Large, 18mm ocular for easy viewing.
  • Long eye relief design affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing.
  • Adjustable Diopter for sharp focus.
  • Compact design,Waterproof and fogproof.
  • Size (L x W x H): 3.8 x 1.7 x 2.9 inches


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