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MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Canon with Standing Bottle for Pressure Washing

MTM Hydro

MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Canon with Standing Bottle for Pressure Washing


Simply add 1-2 oz. of soap, fill the rest with water, and attach it to your pressure washer using one of the included fittings and you are foaming! The PF22.2 atomizes enough soap for two mid-sizes vehicles each bottle! 

The PF-22 has a patented nozzle chamber with adjustable fan blades, an adjustable spray pattern (vertical or horizontal), an air intake knob that allows for more or less air to be drawn into the chamber, increasing or decreasing the thickness of the foam that it sprays onto your vehicle, house, fence, patio, roof, pool deck, farm or locker room, etc. 

  • Min. 1,100 psi - Max. 5,000 psi 
  • Min. 1.8 gpm - Max. 5.3 gpm 
  • Max. 140 F°
  • 1.25 mm /3.5 orifice Installed
  • 1.1 mm /3.0 orifice Included
  • 2 replacement filters included
  • NOTE Foam Cannons do not operate on Pressure Washers that have Flow-Sensing unloaders. Typically, you will have pulsing foam indicating pressure spikes and drops which the flow-sensing unloaders cannot accommodate.
  • NOTE A specific 1/4" Male plug may be required in order to attach the QC plug to the end of some residential pressure washer setups. 

Perfect for:

  • Detailing: auto, RV, marine, and aviation
  • Agriculture applications
  • Concrete & brick cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Restaurant hood cleaning

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