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Let’s Summon Demons - Steven Rhodes/ Dynomite Games 2-5 Player Card & Dice Game

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Let’s Summon Demons - Steven Rhodes/ Dynomite Games 2-5 Player Card & Dice Game


Product Description

  • STEVEN RHODES ART AND EASY-TO-LEARN GAMEPLAY: Based on the artwork of Steven Rhodes, an illustrator best known for his offbeat reimagining of children’s activity books from the ’70s and ’80s, Let’s Summon Demons immerses you in hilariously dark retro worlds. It features fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay with very little setup time, while offering hidden depth to satisfy hardcore gamers.
  • ROLL THE DICE!: What are little Johnny, Suzy, and Fido supposed to do to escape the everyday doldrums of suburban life? I know: Let's Summon Demons! Each player takes turns rolling dice and trying to match those numbers with kids they have acquired for the summoning circle. Make a match and collect Souls, use those Souls to get more Kids, or save up and SUMMON a Demon! The first player to summon three Demons wins the game.
  • KEY FEATURES: The game is from Dynomite Games, an old-school sub-brand of Cryptozoic Entertainment, and features art inspired by popular illustrator Steven Rhodes. It is for 2-5 players (ages 14+) and has an estimated playtime of 10-20 minutes per game.
  • INSIDE THE BOX: 125 Cards, 40 Soul Tokens, 2 6-sided Dice, 1 Rulebook
  • ABOUT CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT: Since 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment has been dedicated to the concept of "Fans First," striving to develop the most creative and sought-after products for pop culture enthusiasts worldwide. As an entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of licensed and original IPs, its catalog covers a broad spectrum of tabletop games and collectibles. The passionate team at Cryptozoic aims to inspire gamers and collectors and bring fans together.

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Based on the art of popular illustrator Steven Rhodes.
Fast paced, easy to learn gameply with very little setup time.
Summon all 3 of your Demons before your opponents by rolling dice, activating cards and tokens.
3 Steven Rhodes Games.

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