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Chrysal Clear Cut-Flower 5g Food Packets, Supplies for Fresh Flowers - 100 Count


Chrysal Clear Cut-Flower 5g Food Packets, Supplies for Fresh Flowers - 100 Count


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Universal Flower Food.


  • Extend Your Flowers Life
  • Provides Nourishment to Plants
  • Easy to use
  • Odorless and Invisible
  • Perfect for Florists

Chrysal Clear Flower Food Packets

For Flower Arrangements & Bouquets

Enjoy your beautiful bouquet up to 60% longer with Chrysal Floral Food Packets! Allows a vase life of over 7 days.

Nurturing Beauty

With a legacy that spans many decades, Chrysal has a tailor-made solution to keep cut flowers and potted plants looking fresher for longer. We aim to offer optimal floral and plant performance, better and in the end, a more beautiful world.

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Keep fresh cut flowers fresh for longer.

Chrysal is a driving force in the flower and plant industry. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your home, Chrysal offers solutions to keep them looking fresh for longer.

Nourish Your Arrangements

Our flower food powder mixes easily and clearly in water, is odorless and provides all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and blooms.

It’s in Our Nature Since 1929

We create a caring workplace for our employees and bring added value to the positive ambitions of our customers. Together we strive to set the standard.


Chrysal Clear Cut Flower Food Packets

Enhance the lifespan of your fresh flowers with Chrysal Clear Cut Flower Food Packets. Specially formulated to extend the vase life of your cut flowers, it's an indispensable solution for florists and flower enthusiasts alike.

Optimal Nutrition for Your Flowers

This cut flower food formula is enriched with essential nutrients and minerals, providing the perfect nourishment for your fresh flower bouquet. It promotes bud and flower development while keeping leaves and stems firm and green. Odorless and effective, it ensures the full development of buds and blooms.

Suitable for Every Flower Variety

Chrysal's fresh cut flower food caters to all flower varieties, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant. This versatile solution is perfect for anyone working with cut flowers. It reduces pH, stimulates water uptake, and enhances food consumption, making it an ideal choice for various blooms.

Easy to Use

Making your flowers last longer is simple. Just mix one packet (5g) with half a liter of water and apply it to your fresh cut flower arrangement. Chrysal's flower food packets mix easily and clearly in water. No need to change the water or re-cut stems during the vase period. The right dosage of flower food makes a significant difference!

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