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combination cable lock


Bike Cable Lock Combination and U-Lock Combo

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Product SKU: LK21051 & LK20708

Product FAQs

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cable Lock
  • 1 x Bike frame mount bracket for cable lock
  • 1 x U-Lock
  • 1 x Steel cable
  • 1 x Bike frame mount bracket for U-lock
LK21051 Cable Lock Features:
  • Lock down deadbolt, pick/ pry resistant
  • Integrated 4 Digit LED Illuminated Combination with resettable combination lock and indexed number dials for error-free combination setting. You won't need to carry a key or a flashlight to lock up.
  • Thick, tough, and flexible 12mm military grade Braided steel cable is difficult to cut and easy to loop through your front wheel and frame
  • Self-coiling cable is light, compact and easy to store
  • Includes frame mounted lock carrier for easy transportation of lock
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – Industry Leading Lifetime Guarantee!
LK20708 U-lock Features:
  • Hefty 14mm hardened high-grade steel shackle resists cutting, prying, or jacking
  • 4 number resettable combination lock so you don't have to worry about bringing your keys
  • Includes double looped 4ft 12mm-thick braided cut resistant steel cable for securing front wheel or accessories, (2.5 feet usable length)
  • Rubber-coated crossbar cover protects paint and finishes of our bike
  • Includes Quick-release frame mounted multi-position carry bracket
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty!
Cable Lock Specifications:
  • Cable dimension: 4 feet long/12mm diameter
  • Includes frame mount lock carrier (black color)
  • Protective vinyl cover
  • Weight: approx. 370 gram / 13.1 oz (lock only)
  • Battery: (used for LED illumination) two A76/LR44 button batteries
U-lock Specifications:
  • U-lock Dimension: approx. 123.5x228x26mm / 4.8x8.9x1 inch
  • Weight: approx. 570 gram / 1LB 4oz (U-lock only)
  • Cable dimension: 4 feet long /12mm diameter. Usable length approx. 2.5 ft /800mm. Black color
  • Includes Quick-release frame mount multi-position carry bracket (black color)

Attention: * If you forget the pass-code, you will not be able to open the lock or reset the password. We encourage consumers to store their combination in a secure location.


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