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100% Accuri 2 Motocross & Mountain Bike Goggles, Protective Eyewear


100% Accuri 2 Motocross & Mountain Bike Goggles, Protective Eyewear


The Accuri 2 returns to set the benchmark for a premium performance goggle. Delivering utmost protection, visibility and comfort for sight to line while performing, with an ever wider field of view that ever before.
  • GENERATION 2 ACCURI GOGGLES: Improved fitment and seal with increased field of view compared to 1st generation.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES: Compatible with 100% 2nd generation replacement lenses. 9-point lens retention system secures lens in frame. Polycarbonate lens comes with anti-fog coating ensuring clear vision.
  • SUPPORTS 100% TEAR-OFFS: Supports triple post tear-offs for secure fitment.
  • SWEAT MANAGEMENT: Ultra-thick triple layer face foam soaks up sweat.
  • SILVER MIRROR LENS: Mirrored finish offers the maximum reduction of glare in bright light conditions for improved performance and vibility. Filter Category 2. Light Transmission 25%±5%\
  • CLEAR LENS: All purpose lens provides maximum amount of light allowance for all conditions. Filter Category 0. Light Transmission 88%-92%
  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: Photochromic auto adaptive tint for daylight conditions with 16% VLT in the sun and 76% VLT in the shade.

*Black [OTG] with Photochromic Lens model is designed for ATV/UTV/Sand. It features special closed-cell foam keeps out the finest dust and sand particles.
*OTG stands for "over the glasses" and are designed to fit over glasses when wearing on the face. 

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