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NiteCore EZAA XP-G R5 LED Flashlight

The new NiteCore EX Series represent the smallest and most powerful AA flashlights available on the market today. The unique design of the EZAA means it is barely larger than a AAA flashlight, making it small enough to fit onto a keychain so it can be with you when you need it most. What's more, the EZAA is much brighter and longer lasting than AAA flashlights due to the extra power of AA batteries, which is nearly three times that of AAA cells. Combines with NiteCore's world-class circuitry (capable of infinite light ramping), users can select a brightness level anywhere from 6 to 160 lumens, up to 32 hours of continuous use on a single battery. The EZAA is an ideal choice for anyone who need extreme output and extended runtime in a tiny package.