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NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED Work light Review

The NEBO 6306 is an absolute essential in the house and a good replacement for the regular flashlights. It is a lifesaver in your car's dashboard for any emergencies. It is small at around 8 inches but do not be fooled by its size. If you are a backpacker who likes your survival kit well stocked, Nebo is one of the essentials. Darkness is no match for the NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED work light. This flashlight finds application where a flashlight is necessary. 

NEBO Big Larry Work Light


The NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED Work-light is a more powerful version of the pocket light. It is brighter with the state-of-the-art COB LED technology. This flashlight produces an illumination of 400 lumens at high setting. If you don’t need such brightness, reduce the illumination at a click of the push button. The battery lasts longer at lower output. It has large AA batteries and is hands-free.  

COB LED technology

The feature that makes it a brilliant buy are the state of the art COB LED technology that gives a smooth and even beam. COB stands for Chip on Board technology. It is the most recent development in LED technology that uses chips with multiple diodes. Typically, there are 9 or more. As there is no casing it allows for a much denser LED array compared to SMD or the Surface-Mounted-Device Light-Emitting Diode. 



The NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED work light comes with two brightness levels and a red flashing light. This comes with a 45 Degree Beam Angle. The high beam produces 400 lumens and runs for 4.5 hours. While the low beam mode produces 160 lumens of illumination and runs for 15 hours. There is also a Red safety flasher for those emergencies on the highway and places in the dark where you need to attract rescue. The flasher runs for 40 hours. It has a large push button at the top of the cylinder to switch on or off the light. The push-button also allows access to the two illumination modes. Press once for high and press twice for low. Press three times for red flashing or press four times for off.

Magnetic base:

The NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED Work-light comes with a heavy-duty magnetic base. It can be fixed on any magnetic surface such as steel, iron, nickel, cobalt and manganese - with its powerful magnetic base. This makes it easy to use hands-free.

Durable Anodized Aluminum Construction:

The work-light comes with an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body design. This makes it water and impact resistant.

Power packed Pint size:

It measures only 7.44 inches in length, 1.13 inches across at the head and is slim with the body diameter of 0.88 inches. It weighs only 7.2 ounces with the three AA batteries. The batteries are included in the kit. All NEBO Tools come with a 1-year warranty. 


  • Hands Free LED lighting
  • Magnetic task light
  • Handheld LED work light
  • Red Emergency Signal
  • 45 Degree Beam Angle
  • Powerful Magnetic Base
  • Water and impact resistant


The NEBO 6306 BIG Larry is equipped with COB technology which outperforms the regular lights by 50% the light output per cm of the light source. The anodized aluminum body is water and impact resistant.

Single button operations with three powerful light modes – High, Low and Flash are great features on a flashlight. The magnetic base makes it hands-free. We say the NEBO 6306 BIG Larry LED Work light can handle any situation that needs light.