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EagleTac D25AAA XP-G2 S2 LED Flashlight - Grey


EagleTac D25AAA XP-G2 S2 LED Flashlight - Grey


Much improved from its predecessor PN20a. The all-new D25AAA model gets redesigned from ground up. It features better heatsink, more rigid built, higher output, better interface, and better looking.


  • 145 LED Lumen
  • High CRI-92 - Neutral White: Looking for high CRI output but cannot stand the warm tint color and dim output? Look no further, D25AAA is also available with top binned Nichia 219B High CRI-92 SW45 D220 LED in 4500K color tint.
  • Li-ion dimming: D25AAA is one of the first to offer level dimming with li-ion battery in keychain size. High frequency operation also allows non-flicker LED.
  • High current output: The A300M circuitry offers 50%-200% more current output and higher operational efficiency than other typical keychain light. More output = More lumen!
  • Strong magnet installed at the back of the tailcap. You can mount the light to anywhere if there is metal. This features makes it very convenient when you need to free your hands, or need to light up a spacific location.
  • 50 yards beam distance
  • Always start at LOW
  • Three pre-defined output: Twist the head to cycle between all three output levels. Complete two sets of regular brightness levels to enter seven hidden auxiliary blinking modes.

California Prop 65 Warning click for information.

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